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Giuliano Palma, born in 1965, in 1987 founded the historic group from Milan, Casino Royale, a name inspired by the James Bond saga. With the group, he will release nine albums. In 1988, the album Soul of Ska was released, followed by Jungle Jubilee and Ten Golden Guns in 1990, marked by a strong ska and reggae influence.

In 1993, Dainamaita was released, the first album recorded for a major, with a mix of very different sounds: black rock, reggae, hip hop, dub, funk. In 1994, he began working on Semper Più Vicini, which sees the participation of Ben Young, who will give the band more profound sound.

In 1995 he collaborated with Neffa, on the album Neffa & i messaggeri della Dopa, impossible not to remember him in the fateful cut of the single Aspettando Il Sole.

At the end of 1995, he moved to London with the band to compose the songs for the CRX album.

In 1997, the Casino Royale were chosen by U2 for the opening of the PopMart Tour concerts in Italy.

In 1998, Giuliano Palma with the name The Soul Kingdom, participates first in the album Piovono Angeli de La Pina with the single Parla Piano, and then in the album Cora.

1999 is an emblematic year for Giuliano Palma, who chooses the solo life, dedicating himself to his side project, the Bluebeaters.

The Bluebeaters is a live band of musicians from other groups such as the Soledad Brothers, Africa Unite and Casino Royale, fans of Jamaican rocksteady and American soul, who

reinterpret author's songs. The original line-up of the group features Giuliano 'King' Palma (vocals), Patrick Benifei (keyboardist) and Ferdi "One Drop" of Casino Royale and Bunna (bassist), The Angelo Parpaglione (saxophonist), "Cato" Senatore (guitarist) and Mr. T-bone (trombonist) of the Africa Unite.

Their first performance with the participation of "Zorro"by the Di Soledad brothers toHiroshima Mon Amourin Turin, is a resounding success that immediately creates an aura of legend around them. Arrangements for songs such as Believeby Cher, See You Toniteby Gene Simmons are born, Wonderful Life by BlackI Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)by Henry Frogman Clarence, Stop Making Loveby the Four.

In 2000, the official Bluebeaters album was released, known as The Album, which certified gold. Gino Paoli calls Giuliano to participate in two covers Domaniand Che Cosa'è,which will be included in the reissue of the album in 2000, while in 2001 Wonderful Liveis released, an album with a nostalgic but very contemporary spirit.

In 2002, he released his first solo album Grand Prix from which the singles Musica Di Musicaand Viaggio Solowere extracted. The result is a well-finished album with a refined sound from soul alfunk to rock, reggae and R&B, all written and produced by Giuliano and La Pina.

The formation of the Bluebeaters returns in 2004 on the stages of Italy for the Anniversary Tour, with a series of sold out concerts that celebrate the 10 years of the band, to which in the meantime Peter Truffa, pianist borrowed from New York Ska Jazz Ensemble and Fabio Merigo, guitarist of Reggae National Tickets.

In 2005, "Long Playing" was released, the second album for Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters, which got another gold record. The 22 tracks contained therein, including the first single "Mexico and Clouds" and "Keep On Running", the second single from the album, are a true concentration of energy and originality confirming the band's unique and unmistakable style, sells over 38,000 copies. The success is confirmed with the release of “Come le Viole”(July  7th2006) third and last single. The song, which was not included in the album, will be offered for sale as a single CD and in a new double version of “Long Playing” which will contain both the CD album and the single CD.

In 2007, the Bluebeaters are committed to Transeuropa in Turin, Carlo Ubaldo Rossi's studio, for the recording of their new album "Boogaloo" released in October. The album includes a section of strings and the inclusion in the tracklist of an unreleased song, "Marvin Boogaloo", written in collaboration with Fabio Merigo, guitarist of the Bluebeaters and co-producer of the album dedicated to the memory of Giuliano's bull terrier that passed away during that time. The 17-track album contains "Testarda io" by Iva Zanicchi, "Pensiero d'amore" by Mal and the song "My city" by Equipe 84. This single comes in seventh place in Music.

In 2009, he participated as a soloist together with the greatest exponents of Italian music, under the name of Artisti Uniti Per L'Abruzzo, in the single “Domani 21 / 04.2009”. He also collaborated in the same year with Nina Zilli on her debut single "50mila", while on November 6th, 2009 the new album by Bluebeaters Combo was released.

In 2011, he collaborated with Caro Emerald on the single Riviera Lifand again in 2011 he got up on stage of the May Day Concert together with Nina Zilli. On  February 17th2012, again with Nina Zilli, he will duet during the Sanremo Festival on the song Per Sempre.

In July 2012, he collaborated with  Club Dogo on the single P.E.S.,a single of enormous success.

In 2013, he joined the Zelig television program where he was chosen for the musical part creating the theme song of the Willie de Wille cover "Demasiado Corazon" and where he will play in all the Italian cover episodes and the final theme song of the program.

In 2014, he participated in the 64th edition of the Sanremo Festival with the songs Un Bacio Crudeleand Così Lontano, finishing in the eleventh place in the final ranking. At the same time, he comes out with the new solo album Old Boy which contains 13 unreleased tracks and the cover Always Something There to Remind Meby Burt Bacharach.

On May 5th2015, he will collaborate on the single Come Guardo Una DonnaExtracted from the album Ora O Mai Più by the Italian producer Don Joe.

In 2016, the album Grooving was released, also containing the single Bada Bingfeat by Cris Cab.

In 2017, Giuliano Palma joins Sony Music, for which he will release Happy Christmas, a Christmas cover album, out on November 24th.

Discography Giuliano Palma

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