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Lorenzo Fragola was born in Catania in 1995.

He is a very eclectic artist, he plays the guitar with which he has always accompanied himself, performing songs written by him and acoustic versions of great Italian and international hits. He started singing at the age of 5 and took part in the making of high school musical high school Cavalleria Rusticana  and Shakespeare in love.

Lorenzo Fragola was born in Catania in 1995.  He went on stage at the Piccolo Teatro of Catania, where he participated as a singer.

In 2014, he decides to present himself at the X Factor selections where he amazes the public and the judges with his interpretations of Che Cosa Sono Le Nuvole? by Domenico Modugnoe The  Reason Why, a song written by himself. Fedez, judge of the Under 24 Men category, chooses him for his team and Lorenzo reaches the final stage of the Sky talent where he presents his new The Reason Whyagain and wins the final victory. On the 12thof December 2014, his first EP, entitled Lorenzo Fragola, was released.

In February 2015, Lorenzo participates in the Sanremo Festival, with the song Siamo Uguali,certified double platinum. On March 31st, 2015 Lorenzo's first album, titled 1995, was released, which became gold including the double platinum singles The Reason Whyand Siamo Uguali,and the triple platinum # Fuori C’è Il Sole. On June 20th2015, he is the protagonist of the "Fragola al Cinema" event, with a special live concert broadcast in major Italian cinemas.

At the 2015 MTV AWARDS, he obtained the award as "Best New Artist" and in October of the same year, he received the "Best First Work" award at the historic Medimex in Bari.

Lorenzo's first live tour, the 1995 tour, went sold out in the main cities of Italy with over 20,000 tickets in total.

In 2016, Lorenzo Fragola participated in the Sanremo Festival in the BIG category with the song Infinite Volte, certified platinum. In March of the same year, he published Zero Gravity, a new recording project that represents the evolution of his style in terms of writing, arrangement and interpretation and confirms his eclecticism. The album went straight to the top of the Fimi / Gfk chart of best-selling records.

From Zero Gravity, the single Luce Che Entra(certified gold) and D’Improvviso(certified platinum) were extracted.

2017, sees him starring together with Arisa in the summer soundtrack L’esercito del selfie, by Takagi & Ketra. The triple platinum track blends the voices of Lorenzo and Arisa into a sixties sound completely remixed in a "new vintage" key.

On April 27th, 2018, Lorenzo Fragola releases Bengala, a new album of unreleased songs anticipated by the single Battaglia Navale. Bengala contains 10 unpublished songs, photographs of an intense, true, sometimes "raw" journey undertaken by Lorenzo to seek a new direction, not only artistic.

Bengala is the mirror of Lorenzo Fragola today, who took care of every single aspect of the album. A fully accepted "challenge" that led him to make important choices such as, for the first time, the general coordination of the entire project (from the writing of each piece to the choice of every sound aspect, up to the finalization of the work, even as a producer).

Among the collaborations present in Bengala, there are those with Mecna & MACE and with Gazzelle in SuperMartina, single from summer 2018.


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