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Tony Effe, Nicolò Rapisarda at birth, was born in Rome in 1991. In 2014, he founded, along with the other members of the group, the Dark Polo Gang.
In 2016, the trilogy was released:  Crack Musica by Tony and Side, Succo di Zenzero by Wayne and The Dark Album by Pyrex. The three individual mixtapes of the group become a cult and the DPG mark a generational groove with their music, giving way to a new musical wave in Italy.
In 2018, Tony Effe along with the Dark Polo Gang signed with Universal Music Italia, under the guidance of Triplosette Entertainment.

 In addition, in 2018, Dark Polo Gang released “Trap Lovers”, bringing the group to the attention of the mainstream audience with the success of the singles “Cambiare Adesso” (double platinum) and “British” (Platinum).
From here on, Tony enters many recording projects collaborating with artists of the caliber of: Enzo Dong, MamboLosco, Gianni Bismark, Luchè and Samuel Heron. In 2019, his solo single “Bassotto” was released.
In May 2020, the Dark Polo Gang released the mixtape “Dark Boys Club”, which remains for two weeks at number 1 of the album charts in Italy.
In June 2021, Tony Effe is finally ready to release his sold album “Untouchable” where he directly debuts at the top of the Italian album charts. (FIMI/GFK)
With the collaboration of producers Drillionaire, Sick Luke and Luke Lies, “Untouchable” is configured as an album capable of surprising, mixing different sounds, but above all, reaffirming a very important concept, “In 2021, Trap is still alive”.

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