Corei makes Cloudy music, something that comes from the most underground rap that can be found and flows into a suffered, scratched and ethereal song. The scenario is decadent, a hymn to emotions, a continuous scream in search of oneself, a melancholy that could be defined as sweet, heavy but functional to the achievement of one’s well-being. In the Cloudy Club, music is intertwined with art, with photographs, with moments of life made up a bit randomly, with graphics, mixed with nostalgia. Everything is part of the whole, it constitutes a fundamental piece to understand the final destination, a decomposed self-analysis and terribly open to changes of direction.

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Vita Mia

Vita Mia

"Vita Mia is a dialogue with myself, a sort of reflection on my experiences, my needs, what makes sense to me whether it becomes important or not. Initially I speak to her, a presence that exists only halfway. There is a woman, but soon she becomes an excuse for more intimate, personal considerations. “Pepsi or coke doesn't change shit for me”, these are not important choices, perhaps no choice is important if it is not made from the heart, if it does not start from an uncontrolled and natural drive. Everything is in doubt, I'm just trying to understand. "I will not leave the sentences unfinished", I will try to put order and organize my thoughts, to find that productivity and that value that my eyes are lacking."

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