Class ’97 Alessio Mininni, aka Maninni, was born and raised in Bari, the place where he approached music from when he was a child, holding a guitar and listening to his idols, from U2 to Pink Floyd, from Vasco Rossi to Ligabue, the artist that gave him the motivation to follow his dream.  Of few words and empathetic, but also profoundly energetic, Maninni has made music his biggest passion, nourished with constancy and humility of who has the objective to fight to reach it.  After his discographic debut in 2017 with Parlami di Teand his last release Peggio di Ieriin 2019, Maninni now is ready for a new adventure, that moves right from Senza.



Maninni - 1
Maninni - 2
Maninni - 3
Maninni - 4



«Senza talks about a break up, the end of a love story that comes to life coincidentally, not even with a goodbye , without the opportunity to fight and without being able to retrace the best steps of this now terminated love. It is the experience that at least once in a lifetime one experiences, but it is also a message of hope: no one is alone, we fall but we get up because after all, the best is yet to come, always and in any case.”

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