Mar is a life narrator, like a modern Odisseo, constantly travelling, mixing sounds and words to tell us the stories that he has experienced, those that he would have liked to have the courage to like or those that he would have like others to live.  Every song is a shade of Mar and how he reads things and people. Mar has Latin-American origins and learned the Italian language singing the theme songs of cartoons even before he went to school. Mar is simply three letters, three sounds that from Aramaic to English, are loaded with all his contradictions: from one side the sense of justice and balance and on the other, the total human way that ruins the perfection of things.

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I Mostri Non Esistono

I Mostri Non Esistono

«I Mostri Non Esistono is a trip towards me child, a light way to tell oneself that things can be overcome even if they hurt, but only with that difficult and bitter awareness of oneself and what surrounds him. I return to that me child every time one of my fragilities emerge, because I still want to hear those sweetened fairytales where everything is possible and every ugly thing disappears under the sign “and they lived happily ever after.” But I know that if I could go back to being a child, I would choose to tell myself the truth: that we suffer, that we struggle, but that we must live with the gaze of a child who marvels at small things and can still dream of changing them.”

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