Daria Huber

Daria sings her vision of the world, her relationship with society, with herself and everything that surrounds her, feeling free through music to express her thoughts also on social and environmental issues.

Fosco 17

Luca Jacoboni is Fosco17 born under the portico of the city of Bologna with the need to write about the bad luck of everyday life. Able yes, to make you dance and to make you move, but certainly to make you sing.


Mar is a life narrator, like a modern Odisseo, constantly travelling, mixing sounds and words to tell us the stories that he has experienced, those that he would have liked to have the courage to like or those that he would have like others to live.


Nostromo is Nicolò Santarelli, born in 1994, he writes about eros, and his music moves in an original space that goes from post electronic settings to retro scratches.

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