Bobby Wanna


Francesco Del Conte was born in Bologna in 1997.
From the early years of high school, he fell in love with the Hip Hop movement and took his first steps in culture going to local events.
He founded and grew up with several youth crews, developing a lot of independent material with different alliances: Kush, Kusharelli, Relli, Relli Wanna Mic, eventually adopting the name Bobby Wanna.
He is passionate about Street Wear and for several years he tries to assemble ideas that will lead him to create the independent brand Voodoo Brand, taking inspiration from the most underground fashion currents.  The change coincides with the beginning of a new artistic path between Bologna and Milan, together with his producer Dario Pruneddu, with the HMCF collective shirt.
The first singles come out in 2020 (Voodoo, Cose da Pazzi, Porto Venere).  The productions begin to be more electronic, still maintaining a hip hop attitude but with a greater research in melodies.  Bobby locks himself in a studio for a year without releasing any songs, to work on new ideas.  The sound becomes more mature, mixing genres and influences, giving life to a multifaceted and experimental music project that will soon be out.
Bobby Wanna - 1
Bobby Wanna - 2
Bobby Wanna - 3
Bobby Wanna - 4

Quando Fuori fa Buio

"The track investigates the personal sphere of Bobby Wanna, through the metaphor of a stressful journey on public transport, where, looking out of a window, the artist's tormented thoughts come to life".

Tosse Tosse Tosse

"Tosse Tosse Tosse" is the first release of this very long journey and it’s essentially a story about a guy who goes to a party with his friends and meets a girl.
He is a bit shy but at the same time, mischievous, like her.
He often smokes and imagines the cough like a sound box thinking: maybe I’m not going home but I’m staying at this party to see what happens.


"Giuda" is written by Bobby Wanna, with the precious musical help of Dario Pruneddu who also produced the track. The song moves between Hip Hop and electronic culture, joining the splendour of the melody.

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