Daria Huber


Daria Huber was born in Naples on December 20, 2002. She began to get passionate about music at the age of 12 when she decided she wanted to learn to play the guitar by herself. From there she gradually grows her passion for singing and subsequently for the composition of unpublished pieces in different languages, mainly in English and Italian. The themes she deals with in her songs range from the most common ones, such as love and friendship, to the more introspective ones. You sometimes also deal with more general issues such as climate change and equality. In recent years she has also approached, always as a self-taught, other instruments such as the piano, the bass, the ukulele and, in recent months, even the drums. Daria hopes, through her music, to convey to people who will listen to her the same feelings she feels when she listens to her favorite artists.

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«The best thing in the process of creating this song was teaching myself how happiness resides in the little things. Focusing only on the negative aspects of life is almost an act of self-sabotage that I do not want to surrender to. It was a bit like clicking the “reset” button on my way of thinking».

Sabbie Mobili

'Sabbie Mobili' speaks of the inability to deal with one's feelings, trying to escape them and then being crushed by them. 'Sabbie Mobili' is where we end up sinking, dragged down by everything we have tried to avoid or hide for a long time.


FILM represents a fundamental moment for the young artist, it is the first up-tempo piece of her production. The song has a strong pop-rock matrix, influenced by pop-punk music that punctuated many of Daria's listens while writing her. Full of electric guitars and pungent drums that drag the listener from the very first bars.

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