Daria Huber


Daria Huber, a young Neapolitan Artist, inherited the passion for music from her grandfather from when she was a child.  She approached the guitar, self-taught, to then start singing and even learned to play the piano, ukulele and drums.  Daria sings her vision of the world, her relationship with society, with herself and everything that surrounds her, feeling free through music to express her thoughts also on social and environmental issues.  She casually switches from Italian to English, to the point of challenging herself in French and German.  Daria is shy but determined, she travels the world camping with her family and loves reading.  Her biggest wish? To convey to the listener her own feelings, just like any great Artist.

Daria Huber - 1
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"The best thing in the process of creating this song was teaching myself how happiness resides in the little things. Focusing only on the negative aspects of life is almost an act of self-sabotage that I do not want to surrender to. It was a bit like clicking the “reset” button on my way of thinking."

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