Nostromo is a songwriter who sails on sight between a time that no longer exists and a future that does not yet exist. Nostromo is a fish out of water. Nicolò Santarelli, born in 1994, writes about eros, and his music moves in an original space that goes from post electronic settings to retro scratches. Nostromo is something we live in our contemporary, in everyday life. It is the moment in which we find ourselves alone and we need to listen to ourselves, but also the one in which we want to let ourselves go. Nostromo is reality, passion and feeling. He is not vintage, he will never go out of style because his style will never pass. Nostromo is the tattoo under the loden, the turntable with which you listen to music but above all, Nostromo is the nostalgic memory that you can carry around and live in your future. He writes his first song after a long chat with a dear friend of his, Federico, a name that he will also give as the title of one of his songs. This song, which will never be published, will give life to a new team, also thanks to a ticket won on a cold Thursday during the Europa League. In fact, this is how Nicolò begins to collaborate with Eliano Ficca Persichitti, the first member of the team. In the following months, the two began to collaborate with Francesco Caggiula (season) and Riccardo Belleggia, who already worked with him in the electropop formation including the HMCF Collective, with which a collaboration begins that will lead them to Trident Music and BPM Concerts, for a first album distribution which is licensed for Sony Music Italia. On the 10thof May 2019, Giradischi is released, the debut single which is well received by the public. The song will bring the artist on the cover of the Indie School playlist on Spotify for the next three weeks, also reaching Fiorello's ear, who will broadcast him as the opening song of his program Il Rosario Della Sera on Radio Deejay for two consecutive days. During the summer, Nostromo and his band participate in various festivals in Italy, in which they will share the stage with the greatest of the Italian indie scene. On the 10thof  September 2019, Le Canzoni Di Mia Madre is released, the artist's second single that anticipates the debut album Minuetto, released on the 15thof November 2019.


Nostromo - 1
Nostromo - 2
Nostromo - 3
Nostromo - 4



minüétto s. m. [from fr. menuet, originally adj. with sign. of "very minute" (der. of menu "minute, small", which is the lat. minutus: v. minute1); so called prob. for short steps that are characteristic of it]. Minuetto talks about the little things, those that color the day of a 25 year old guy. It is a slowly written album, written in small steps, a well-kept and pampered album. It is the album of stories that have never blossomed, the withered ones, of things that scare us and that we cannot bear. Minuetto is shaving in front of the mirror, it is making yourself beautiful before the "big event". It is taking life delicately and at the same time squeezing it in your hands to see what's inside. Thus, like a dance, nostalgic and timeless.

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