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Luca Jacoboni was born in Bologna in 1995. He takes his first steps in the world of discography with Le Ceneri e i Monomi, an adolescent experience where he will be able to understand what he is looking for in music. He grew up and studied in his hometown where in 2012, he began his first work experience in the radio world and, at the same time, in the world of sound. In 2017, he plays the role of Fosco17 where he feels free to write the plot of his life and those around him in music. In 2018, he released his first single, December, with which he participates in Sanremo Giovani. In March 2019, he released his EP, Prima Stagione, where he will have the opportunity to perform in dozens of different occasions throughout Italy. In October 2019, he released his debut album Dodici Mesi, which is followed by his first official tour. Fosco17 is a name in continuous sound evolution, it is musical craftsmanship in motion. In search of the perfect fit between simplicity and elegance, at the service of normality. Fosco17 is the anti-stereotype, which lives in clichés, the anti-extravagant who sings original stories, it is the anti-eccentric who is unusual. Fosco17 is anti pop and commercial, more simply it is Pop-Synthetic

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3 Cose

"3 Cose" is the second chapter of a story made of music and images. After "10 Years", a warm-toned "space-ballad" in which Italian singer-songwriter contaminations mix with end-of-the-century North American indie-pop sounds, Fosco17 moves to South America, always maintaining the Italian tragicomic taste that distinguishes his "cosmic fairy tales": "3 Cose" is a small drawer that holds bossa nova harmonies, a realistic and dreamy voice and an ironic sadness.

10 Anni

10 Years is the first chapter of a story made of music and images. Two narrative lines that run along the same plane, only to intertwine thanks to their signifiers. A cosmic and dystopian fairy tale with a delicate ending.
An intimate awakening from a 10-year dream and a sci-fi drawing of the world in 100.
10 Years is a warm-toned space ballad, a shy memory accompanied by a wood-colored guitar, a small piano and a slightly raised voice.

una domenica di giugno

Una domenica di giugno is an energetic and elegant song, a song cable of capturing you for its engaging melodies that allows you to immerse yourself in refined atmospheres.
Una domenica di giugno collects different flavours from Italian music and mixes them in an original way with the artist’s personal taste.
A faint and nostalgic retro echo that wraps a defined and personal musical character.
Una domenica di giugno is an atypical tale of a summer, it is an orchestra playing on tiptoe, it is a secret whispered in one’s ear and an idea that is shouted out loud.
Una domenica di giugno is a slow song dressed for a party.

Le Mie Canzoni Amare

“Like the Sordi or Villaggio films, it is not always necessary to have tears when one tells sad things: the song “Le mie canzoni amare” is tragicomic. It is like Mina or Celentano’s voice, sometimes the best way to make one cry or laugh: the song “Le Mie Canzoni Amare” is sweet and sour.”
“Le Mie Canzoni Amare” is a strong track and at the same time, catchy and fun, but with a bitter aftertaste, that reveals the new and matured sound and lyric depth of Fosco17, perfect bond between what we have learned to love from the young singer-songwriter from Bologna and the attractive and sophisticated richness of the next album. An intimate and deep vein that does not disdain simplicity, a maturity that abandons the unripe debut without losing expressive urgency.
Fosco17 is a synthesis between his identity and his personal taste to the traditional from tone of Italian music. Fosco17 is not pop music, it is Italian music.

Dodici mesi

Dodici Mesi is a record that tells any story in twelve acts, twelve chapters of a novel with an open ending, a single plot made up of different moments.
Twelve Months is an incoherent collection of different songs that follow a story, that have movement, that are part of the transformation of a child who likes to see the world made of pastel colors, without clutter, clean and immaculate. Twelve Months is a record that speaks in the first person of everyone's stories, things that happen to others, it speaks of itself speaking for everyone. Twelve Months is a time, in which there is a way to grow, to let the years pass, to grow up or old. It has no space or place, it just has different voices that give it life. A series, a four-season series, a year made of twelve months.

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